We have asked the EEOC Judge to force the Postal Service to provide the NRP Files created by USPS management directly to the EEOC Judge and to each claimant, so that the EEOC Judge will have this highly-relevant information while assessing individual claims for relief. The EEOC Administrative Judge held a status conference on November 19, 2019. The best way to provide this information is to email us at nrpclassaction@theemploymentattorneys.com. Our offices will be in touch with you when you need to take additional steps. We recommend emailing such letters to us at NRPclassaction@theemploymentattorneys.com or faxing us at 585-272-0574. The value and strength of the lawsuit is that there are so many people who the Commission has found to have been harmed by the NRP. The Declaration form is designed to help you go through all the necessary questions in an efficient manner. Our legal team has experience achieving successful class-wide settlements in complex cases, but we also have experience pushing forward with litigation if fair settlement cannot be reached with the other side. We expect that the Administrative Judge will issue an order regarding these issues some time after the March 20, 2019 status conference. Unfortunately, the Postal Service continues to dispute every single claim. Settlement generally provides a much faster path to relief for the victims of discrimination, as opposed to the many years associated with continued litigation and appeals. Please continue to check this website for updates, and thank you as always for your support and patience throughout this hard-fought case. Some 41,000 past and. To the best of our knowledge, the EEOC has never created a website devoted to a single case. The EEOC does not require any particular format for medical information; medical reports, print-outs, and medical notes may all be provided. If you have questions related to filling out the Declaration form, please call us at 585-272-0540. The Judge partially granted our motion. We will provide an update on this website when we learn more about the judge's decision regarding the process moving forward, and any other significant updates in the case. As always, we greatly appreciate your patience during this process. Activity 1. We have received many inquiries as to whether the EEOC Administrative Judge intends to utilize the assistance of special masters.During the March 4, 2022 conference with the EEOC Administrative Judge, she indicated that the special master issue is still under advisement. We understand this to mean that her in-depth questioning regarding the Postal Services access to certain information will assist her in determining the best and most efficient path forward, including as to whether special masters should be utilized. You will also need to fill out the Declaration. Today we filed our response to the USPS filing, pointing out that the USPS proposal would slow down the processing of these claims for no good reason. v. United States Postal Service an AJ decision certified the following class: All permanent rehabilitation employees and limited duty employees at the U.S. After that, the EEOC Administrative Judge assigned to this case will issue an order regarding the claims determination process. Earlier this week, the EEOC Judge spoke with our legal team about the possibility, in theory, for broad settlement of the claims for relief in this case. NRP Class Action Lawsuit Update - December, 2020 Posted on December 14, 2020 Status Update We wanted to reach out and give a quick update on the case, and answer some questions that have been raised. Please note: if you previously sent supporting documents to us, you do not need to re-send those documents to us. After that, the Special Masters will have no more than one year to issue recommended damages and relief for each claim presented to them. My Supervisors or co-workers called me lazy due to my restrictions. If applicable to you, here are some possible short statements that can help explain what happened: Please continue to monitor the website for updates. Please check this website frequently for updates. nrp class action: 7.82%: nrp class action settlement: 5.18%: Domain Registration Data. In addition, the Administrative Judge has also requested that our offices eliminate a small number of duplicate entries. In particular, the Postal Service wanted to encourage claimants to request Final Agency Decisions (or FAD) in order to drop out of this case and start over. She set a deadline of March 31, 2020 to submit any and all supplemental documentation regarding claims. If you receive a Final Agency Decision related to the McConnell/NRP class complaint, please provide our office with a copy as soon as possible. We fought this case all the way to a final decision, and the EEOC judge and appeals office found that the NRP was discriminatory. We had asked that the Judge order USPS to provide the NRP Activity Files for every Claimant directly to the Judge and the Claimants themselves. There is no way currently for us to get you back in your position until the EEOC Administrative Judge issues an order. Your claim in this case is a personal asset. The Declaration form contains information that the EEOC Judge has requested for each claimant. You can email the documents to NRPclassaction@theemploymentattorneys.com, fax them to 585-272-0574, or mail them to 693 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607. We will include appropriate documents from your NRP file when we submit your Declaration and our legal argument to the EEOC Judge. We will not submit claim packages for claimants who have not retained our firms to represent them in the claims process. Even though we have not had any role in the preparation of these notices from the EEOC, we want to do whatever we can to help the EEOC as it processes the claims for relief. Our goal, as always, is to push for prompt appropriate relief for the victims of NRP discrimination. In any event, please rest assured that we will return all messages. Federal courts commonly use Special Masters to assist with adjudication of complex class actions. 520-2008-00053X. The Judge stated that she is in the process of organizing all of the claim records, and that she hopes to begin reviewing the substance of those claims later this Spring. Please continue to check the website for updates, but based on extension, the spreadsheet will now be completed with all claimants who have retained our law firm in this case, and submitted to the EEOC on September 18, 2022. The Administrative Judge has not yet announced the process or timeline for reviewing claims. (585) 272-0540 (tel) Please continue to check this website for updates. On the other hand, if you have not yet retained Class Counsel to represent you in your individual claim, we will not include your name in our appeal from the FADs, and it will be necessary (in an abundance of caution) for you to file your own separate appeal notice to the EEOC before the deadline set forth in the FAD you receive. Show the Postal Service that discrimination has consequences please submit a timely claim! 8. Nevertheless, those survey responses might help give you a starting point! 693 East Avenue The Agency has necessitated the referral to Special Masters because it has disputed every single claim for damages and argues that the Commission has to hear and decide all 29,000 disputed claims, knowing that the Commission has limited resources to do so and such a task would be near impossible to complete, effectively creating an insurmountable impasse.. Our class action lawsuit attorneys have a national reputation for successfully handling class action lawsuits of all types and sizes. If you wish, you can specifically request that USPS take into account your payments from OWCP when calculating any backpay that is owed to you. If you have not yet retained Class Counsel to represent you in your individual claim, and you now would like to retain Class Counsel, please contact us at NRPclassaction@theemploymentattorneys.com or by calling us at (585) 272-0540 or faxing us at (585) 272-0574. If you would like to retain our firms at this time to represent you in your individual claim, please let us know immediately, and we will send you a retainer letter that must be signed by you and returned to our office. (If you have already completed that form and submitted it to us, there is no other action needed by you at this time.). Today we had a very productive two hour video call with EEOC Administrative Judge Roberts-Draper regarding a process to move this case forward. My Manager told me that I might be sent to work for Walmart or another company. You should receive a form in the mail by March 18, 2019. However, before you turn down any relief, you should speak with Class Counsel to explore your options. In 2006, Sandra McConnell was reviewed under the NRP in the USPS Western New York District. We emphasized that our clients have one simple goal: a just resolution for their claims of discrimination under the NRP. We continue to take every action we can to ensure that this process moves forward as quickly as possible. We believe that this action by the Postal Service is improper. The Order sets out that Class Members who did not retain Class Counsel are not represented by our law firms. However, medical information can help support your claim for damages. As soon as the Judge issues a written ruling on our motion for extension of time, we will post updated information on this website. Yes, the Postal Service should have provided us the NRP file for each person. If you have any updated contact information and have not yet provided it to our office, please call us at 585-272-0540 or email us at NRPClassAction@theemploymentattorneys.com. It is fair and right for you to seek relief for the harm caused to you by the Postal Service. Yes. Put another way, for all claimants who hired our law firms, we will not cease our fight on your behalf until the Postal Service provides a fair and reasonable resolution, or there is a final EEOC decision on your claim, whichever occurs first. Detailed instructions on completing the Declaration form are available by clicking here. (For better or worse, the Postal Service has a reputation for preferring delay and continued litigation over prompt appropriate settlement.). Yes, but before you call us please review the cover letter and all instructions in the mailing and on this website. Free shipping for many products! Now that the Postal Service has disputed every individual claim for relief (over 28,000), the EEOC must establish a fair and efficient claims determination process in accordance with EEOC rules. As mentioned in our March 4, 2022 update, the EEOC Administrative Judge was joined at the last conference by an EEOC data person, as well as another Administrative Judge. Thank you for all of your patience. So I understood that I had no option but to retire; or We are asking that everyone return the paperwork that we have mailed to you so that it arrives in our office by no later than March 25, 2019.